Support for carers

A carer can be anyone – a husband, wife, partner, family member, friend or neighbour.

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The physical, emotional and psychological needs of carers can sometimes be overlooked, but when you’re caring for someone with a life-limiting illness, it’s not uncommon to experience similar levels of distress as the patient. We include the carers and family and friends of our patients in the heart of our thinking, and support those who support the patient, so you’ll be more equipped to manage your caring role.

How we can help

  • Help with finances and benefits
    Carers may be entitled to financial help with the costs of caring, and we can help you find out what you’re entitled to and how to claim it.
  • Emotional and psychological support
    The stress experienced by many carers can show itself in many ways. Carers may experience a mixture of psychological and physical complaints such as anxiety, low mood, fatigue etc. We can help. Find out more here.
  • Support for young carers
    People can be carers at any age, and often a child or young person may be caring for their parent, grandparent or other relative. We can support you in getting the help you need to manage.
  • Aids and adaptations
    There are many aids and adaptations which can make life easier at home, and which can help people stay in their own homes for as long as possible. We can offer you advice on products that may help the person you’re caring for, and how to go about getting them.
  • Complementary therapy
    Complementary therapies are available to our patients and their principal carer, and can help you relax and deal with the stresses of being a carer. Find out more here.
  • Bereavement support
    We can provide support to anyone who is connected to the patient who has died – whether that’s a friend, family member, carer or partner. Find out more here.

Making a referral

If you feel someone may benefit from the services provided by St Ann’s, this page will give you a quick guide of how to refer them to us.