Your stories

Changing people's perceptions is one of the biggest challenges we face in raising awareness of the help we can provide to those living with a life-limiting illness.

We've found personal stories help the most in overcoming people’s fears. We've created this area as a place to share the stories and experiences of patients, their family members and carers who have spent time at St Ann's.

If you're interested in sharing your experience of our care to help others, please get in touch with our communications team by emailing

Tom & Eli’s story

Tom died at St Ann's following a brain tumour, here his wife Eli tells us about their experience of St...

Ian and Janice together with their arms linked together, looking at eachother and smiling.

Janice and Ian’s story

Ian came to St Ann's just after Christmas is 2016. Here, his wife Janice tells us about their experience of...

Mandy & Alex’s story

Mandy's stepdaughter Alex died at the hospice in 2019, here Mandy shares her experience of St Ann's.

Val’s story

Many people are surprised to learn that we have a Rehabilitation Team at the hospice, working with patients at various...

Michael & Ha’s story

Michael Hall died peacefully at his home in early 2018 with the support of our Hospice @ Home team. His...

Michelle’s story

Michelle became an inpatient at Little Hulton shortly after being diagnosed with bowel cancer. Her family have been fundraising for...

Colin & Julie’s Story

Julie shares her and Colin's story: "I, like most other people, thought that hospices are just places that people go...

Alison Short case study forget me not story

Alison & Rick’s story

Alison’s family were so relieved when she was at St Ann’s.

Jennie Gib Carer Patient Heald Green

Gib & Jennie’s story

Jennie tells the story about the loss of her husband Gib, and how St Ann’s was “nothing short of wonderful.”...

Irene’s story

Irene was treated by our Macmillan Lymphoedema Specialist, and here she tells the story of her “smile.”

Andy & Sue’s story

Andy who was a day therapy patient and inpatient, donated his corneas, a transplant facilitated by St Ann’s.

Patient Carer Case study Gerard

Gerard & Anne’s story

Gerard was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, aged 26. His sister shares their experience of St Ann’s, Little Hulton.

Pam Carer Volunteer Case study

John & Pam’s story

Pam tells the story of the loss of her husband, John, and how she is now a valued volunteer at...

Elli Patient Carer Wedding Pete O'Brien Case study

Malcolm & Elli’s story

Elli’s partner, Malcolm, was an inpatient. Elli says “going into St Ann’s was the best decision we could have made.”

Frank & Nina’s story

The couple have a proud place in the history of St Ann’s as the first couple thought to have celebrated...

Ted Norma patient carer Neil Cliffe Centre Garden

Ted & Norma’s story

Ted was treated at the Neil Cliffe Centre. He says “they’ve ensured that I’ve been treated as a whole person...