Taking the plunge for St Ann’s

Jennifer and Keith will be celebrating their third wedding anniversary 11,000 ft in the air on 28 May

By News Team on May 22, 2018

Keith Jones has a fear of heights so jumping out of a plane was not the kind of present he was expecting for his third wedding anniversary. However, wife Jennifer decided a joint sky dive would be the perfect way to celebrate.

The Brinnington couple will take the plunge in a tandem jump in the skies above Lancaster on Monday 28 May, raising money for the hospice.

Jennifer’s late mum, barmaid Michele Jackson (47), was a patient at St Ann’s in 2009, while her dad Steven, who passed away two years ago, died at home but was due to be admitted to the hospice.

Jennifer said: "I'm not a fan of heights, but not as petrified as Keith who hates them. I've wanted to do a sky dive for a while and life's too short, so I decided we should give it a go.

"Keith is nervous but excited and we're doing it for a good cause because St Ann's is a great charity and needs all the help it can get from fundraising.

"We've both done bungee jumps on holiday and Europe's longest zip wire in Wales with our sons, Aaron and Kian.

"The sky dive is from 11,000 feet, though if the weather's good enough we can upgrade to 15,000 feet - Keith will love that!"

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