Day Care patient has a ‘wheelie’ good day out!

Sylvia Clayton had a “wheelie” great day recently, when she was taken out to enjoy a morning of cycling by a kind-hearted hospice volunteer.

By News Team on March 20, 2019

Sylvia, 74, has been attending St Ann’s Hospice in Heald Green as a Day Therapy patient. After she told the team that she’d love to ride a bike again, they set about making it happen!

One of the hospice volunteers, Nicola, took Sylvia to Wythenshawe Park where non-profit organisation Wythenshawe Wheelers run regular inclusive cycling sessions with several types of bikes for people with different abilities.

Sylvia is unable to talk, and she communicates by writing things down.


It was definitely a fun morning! I felt happy and energised, and it stopped me from focusing on my problems. I used to ride a bike before I was ill, but now I can’t balance on a two-wheeler. I tried four different bikes and I liked the Pashley, but there was also a trendy, laid back one too! I’ve very much enjoyed coming to day care at St Ann’s, all the staff are wonderful. My every need has been met, and I didn’t imagine being taken for a bike ride! Sylvia Clayton
We always like to help our patients achieve things they didn’t think possible. We’re so glad that we could arrange this for Sylvia, and that she had such a great time. Amanda Connors , Day Therapy Team Leader at St Ann’s

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