Donate your Day 2020

The forthcoming leap day may pass many Mancunians and Salfordians by unnoticed, but one of Greater Manchester’s best-loved charities will have to raise an additional £20,000 to enable it to continue caring for local patients.

By News Team on February 18, 2020

St Ann’s Hospice has come up with a novel way to raise the £20,000 it will need to cover its costs on February 29th – it is asking its generous supporters to donate a day’s salary to help it to pay for this extra day of care.

We work very hard 365 days a year to not only care for patients with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses and their families, but also to raise the £20,000 we need every day to be able to do so. While a leap year might not seem a big deal to many people, for charities that extra day can make a big difference. We’re hoping that lots of people across Greater Manchester will decide to mark the rarely seen 29th February by helping local patients and pledging their salary from the day to Manchester’s hospice. Eamonn O'Neal, Chief Executive of St Ann's
I’d done some overtime and decided to donate what I’d earned back to the hospice. It was such a simple idea but I’ve seen first-hand what a huge difference gestures like that can make to our patients. Without raising £20,000 every single day we just could not continue to provide the best standards of care to the patients on our wards, in our Being You Centres or out in the community. Alison Phippen , Associate Specialist at St Ann's and who the campaign was inspired by

Martin Kemp from Wodehouse, who produce graphic design, branding, direct mail and fundraising campaigns, have partnered St Ann’s Hospice for a number of years and love both the cause and the creative challenges.

We are delighted to get involved by donating creative studio time for this exciting ‘leap’ year initiative! Our happy little alarm clock can be seen dashing across print and social media, we had great fun putting the campaign together, sharing our time and we hope that lots of other people will too. Martin Kemp, Wodehouse

St Ann’s Hospice, which operates from three sites in Little Hulton, Heald Green and the Neil Cliffe Centre in Wythenshawe Hospital cares for thousands of patients every year with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses – managing their symptoms, providing support, caring for people at the hospice or at home, and providing end of life care.

For further information call the St Ann’s Hospice Fundraising Team on 0161 498 3631, email or visit

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