5 minutes with… Damian, Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Damian Lacey tells us about his role as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner at St Ann’s, and some of his proudest achievements so far…

By News Team on April 29, 2022

Damian with his bike that he rides to work outside the hospice front entrance

What’s an Advance Clinical Practitioner?

“Advance Clinical Practitioner (ACPs) is a new role for the hospice. I’m currently in the second year of the MSc Clinical Practice Degree Apprenticeship at Manchester Metropolitan University, a programme of practice-based learning supported by the university and the hospice team.”

What does your role involve?

“We work alongside the medical, nursing, management and other multidisciplinary teams. The role incorporates the four pillars of advanced practice; clinical, education, research and leadership.

“Clinical: assessing and supporting patients on the ward. My role embraces autonomous decision making, non-medical prescribing and collaborative working to enhance a patient’s journey from admission to discharge and beyond.

“Education: being a role model, a mentor, a coach and providing both informal ad formal education to all members of the hospice team.

“Leadership: demonstrating positive behaviours which impact team dynamics. We provide support and guidance to the wider team, and work alongside senior management to uphold the organisational values and respond to strategic needs.

“Research: involvement with audit, quality improvement and our clinical practice is evidence-based.”

What do you love most about your job?

Having 17 years in palliative care, I still take great pleasure working with patients and making a difference. I have also enjoyed the learning and education part of the role.

What’s your proudest achievement so far? 

“I struggle with my educational needs due to having dyslexia. I am very proud that I have been able to manage my study at Masters level and to achieve good grades in the modules I have completed.

“My steepest learning curve has been in the leadership aspects of the role. I am a complete novice with quality improvement and I am learning valuable knowledge and skills in this area.”

What’s surprised you most about St Ann’s?

“Having always worked for the NHS throughout my career, this was my first time working for a charity. It surprised me how innovative and forward-thinking the hospice is. I have also been surprised at the level of support and kindness shown to me during my transition from the Community Specialist Palliative Care Team to this new role.”

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