Handmade blankets donated to St Ann’s hospice patients

Three friends have been making beautiful blankets that they donate to the inpatient unit at St Ann’s Hospice for the last two years.

By Gemma Peers on October 16, 2023

Handmade blankets donated to our patients

Aileen Hewitt, Sheila Richardson and Eileen Rooney love creating the blankets and regularly bring more into the hospice for the patients. 

The group work as a team to create each blanket with Sheila knitting 36 squares per blanket before passing them to Eileen who sews them together. It is then over to Aileen to crochet around the outside for the finishing edge. 

To make their creative skills even more amazing, Sheila knits all the squares for each blanket by touch as she is almost completely blind. 

Aileen said: “My daughter Suzanne is one of the ward sisters at St Ann’s and I am so proud of the work that she does and how the team care for people at the hospice. We love making the blankets and we are so happy to be able to give them to patients who need them.” 

Ward Sister Lynsey Ayres said: “We are so grateful for the beautiful blankets and they mean such a lot to our patients and their families. The blanket itself is such a comfort, but also the love and kindness that is shown in donating them adds to just how special they are.” 

Picture: Aileen and Sheila called into St Ann’s Hospice to donate more of their beautiful blankets.