The difference your fundraising makes

Quite simply without our generous supporters St Ann’s would not be here.

We are a charity and as one of the largest hospices in the UK with two sites in Greater Manchester we have to raise a huge amount of money each year to provide our care. 

In fact, we have to raise £20,000 per day to keep our doors open. This is a huge amount of money which takes a huge amount of effort! 

Fundraising for us doesn’t just help patients, but families and loved ones too. The difference good care makes at the end of a life is so important not just for patients, but also for their families and loved ones. Knowing the person you love was well cared for and that their symptoms were well managed at the end of their life is a huge comfort and helps the grieving process after they die.  

How your money helps 

There are lots of different elements to our care, which all come together to support our patients and their loved ones.  

When most people think about our care, they think about our two inpatient units at Heald Green and Little Hulton. This is where we support patients from across Greater Manchester with the most complicated symptoms. In some cases, it can be where we can get symptoms under control before people are able to get back home. 

The money you fundraise or donate helps pay for our expert nursing and clinical teams, as well as beds at our inpatient unit but it pays towards a lot of other things too. 

This includes: 

  • Day therapy and outpatient support 
  • Physiotherapy  
  • Occupational therapy  
  • Complementary therapy to support relaxation 
  • Bereavement support – including helping our patients after a terminal diagnosis, and working with families and loved ones both to prepare for the future and after the loss of a loved one. 
  • Sharing our expertise and learning with other healthcare providers across Greater Manchester, to improve end-of-life and palliative care across our region. 

 What your money could pay for 

 We are grateful to everyone who fundraises or donates to us. We aim to spend each pound that we receive wisely and well, making the biggest possible difference for end-of-life patients. 

Here are just a few examples of how the money you raise could help:  

  • £8.55 could pay for food for a day for a patient on our inpatient unit 
  • £20.60 could pay for a hand or foot massage with one of our therapists to help a patient or carer relax 
  • £30.60 could pay for a bereavement session for a loved one with our specialist team 
  • £200 could pay for a member of our community team to visit a patient in their home 
  • £852.40 could pay to run our ambulance for two weeks 
  • £20,000 pays for a day’s care at St Ann’s across including the care at both our hospice sites. 


If you would like to support St Ann’s we would be delighted to hear from you. 

 Contact the fundraising team on 0161 498 3631. 

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