Pay for a Day

Everyone has a date in the calendar that means something special to them, Pay for a Day is a way of marking this date and supporting St Ann's at the same time. It could be a birthday, anniversary or a day when family, friends or colleagues are gathered together. Or perhaps it is a day that had a special meaning for someone no longer with us.

Ruth Creative Therapist Daycare Painting

What is Pay for a Day?

Pay for a Day is a way you can celebrate that symbolic date in the diary by covering the cost of 24 hours of care at St Ann’s, you can make a difference to the lives of the people we care for in your local community. You may like to Pay for a Day as an individual, group or company – it’s up to you. There is no limit on the number of days you can pay for.

Celebrating your day

If you Pay for a Day, we would like you to know just how grateful we are. We want to make your day as enjoyable and memorable as possible. If you’re happy for us to celebrate your day with you, we can do so in lots of ways:

At the hospice

We will create a personalised certificate which will take pride of place in the reception of the site at which you are Paying for a Day so all our visitors can see who is donating the day. You can then keep this certificate as a memento of your day.


We can also display your name, or the name of the organisation Paying for a Day, on our website.

A visit to St Ann’s

We would love to show you first-hand the difference your generous donation will make to the people we support every day. On your day, we would be delighted to invite you to visit the site at which you are Paying for a Day, where you will be given a guided tour, refreshments and have the chance to meet some of the people whose lives you are touching.

For more information please contact the Fundraising Team on 0161 498 3631 or email