Mac’s story

“Why did I volunteer to help out at St Ann’s Hospice?

“Well, why not? It’s such a deserving cause. Here’s an outstanding local organisation providing wonderful support for local people.

“As any volunteer will tell you, it’s an opportunity to “give something back” to your local community. It costs only your time and goodwill to pitch in and support people unknown to you – the patients and the staff at the hospice,

And though, as a volunteer, you give your time without seeking anything in return, you DO get something back - a lot of satisfaction in helping people not as well off in health terms as you are. 

“And look at the friendships you can make among the hospice staff you get to know each time you put in a shift. Volunteers can be sure of a warm welcome, plus appreciation from the staff who know that you’re giving your time and goodwill.

“Volunteering? I wouldn’t be without it!”