Excellent training opportunities

Staff training session

Training and Development is very important to us here at St Ann’s.

All employees at the hospice have an annual Performance and Development meeting (designed to support revalidation for our registered nurses), which focuses on three things:

  1. Achieving specific objectives or key duties which are determined annually
  2. Reflecting the values of the hospice in everything you do
  3. Development, professional or otherwise:

Reflecting on development activities you have undertaken to understand how this has benefitted both you and the hospice

Considering what other development you require to become more effective in your current role, or in another job role you may be interested in pursuing.

All employees are also required to complete annual mandatory e-learning modules which cover Health and Safety, Infection Control, Manual Handling, Information Governance, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Fire Safety.

There are also lots of other ways employees can develop including:

  • Inspire and Aspire Management Training Programme
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Formal Education/ Training
  • Work Based Learning
  • Professional Activities