Andy & Sue’s story

Andy who was a day therapy patient and inpatient, donated his corneas, a transplant facilitated by St Ann’s.

Andy took part in art therapy sessions as a day care patient at St Ann’s for two years. He later became an inpatient, where he died of cancer aged 52.

He had been a registered organ donor for more than 20 years before he died. He donated his corneas, which was a transplant facilitated by St Ann’s, where he was a patient.

Here his wife, Sue, shares their story and experience of St Ann’s and why he wanted donated his organs.

Andy had always given blood and we were both quite passionate about being on the donor list to help save the lives of others. We didn’t think a transplant would be possible because of his illness so we were pleasantly surprised when we found out that he could donate his corneas.

Dr Philip Lomax, Medical Director at St Ann’s Hospice, said: “On behalf of St Ann’s Hospice we’d like to offer our deepest sympathies to the Seymour family for their sad loss.  We are grateful for Andy’s generosity in becoming a donor and allowing something positive to come out of his death. It can be really hard to ask a patient or a grieving family about becoming donors and although we have facilitated a corneal transplants in the past, this doesn’t happen often enough.”

Andy was a keen donor and so I am sure he will be glad that his parting gift was to leave a legacy to help others. Something positive has come out of his death and he was happy to give his consent to help someone else. He loved the hospice and we both appreciated the support and care he received from St Ann’s.
Andy Seymour Caroline Pollitt Ballet DayCare

Andy enjoyed the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s visit to St Ann’s when he was a day care patient.