Gib & Jennie’s story

Jennie tells the story about the loss of her husband Gib, and how St Ann’s was “nothing short of wonderful.”

Jennie Gib Carer Patient Heald Green Wedding

Gib was a an inpatient at St Ann’s in Heald Green, here his wife, Jennie, shares their story and experience of St Ann’s.

My gorgeous man, Gib, was 41 when he passed away. He’d been diagnosed with cancer two years earlier, which he bravely fought for as long as he could.

When we were told about St Ann’s, we were both worried about coming to a hospice, but I came for a look round and was shown the family rooms. I told Gib how lovely it was, he agreed to be admitted.

I can honestly say that an awful situation was made more bearable from the day Gib became a patient at St Ann’s. The whole family was made to feel welcome and our little girls, Phoebe and Lila, were treated like celebrities!

Whenever I brought them in they were warmly welcomed, stuffed with ice cream and made a fuss of. Even now when we drive through Heald Green they’ll mention ‘Daddy’s hospital’ and how we all played Jenga and watched Peppa Pig. I’m so happy that these are their last memories of him.

Everyone at St Ann’s treated Gib with such compassion and respect and nothing was ever too much trouble. When we couldn’t get the City game to play on our tablet, they made it their mission to fix it, calling in the IT department and even the Chaplain to help – they would move Heaven and Earth to sort it out, it seemed! Gib fell asleep during the second half, but we were so grateful for all their efforts.

I cannot speak highly enough of the nurses, who embraced us like family and were with us every step of the way. Even when Gib was sleeping much of the time, they always treated him like the man, husband and father he was, talking to him about what was going on around him. I know how important this would have been to Gib.

Losing Gib is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, but the work the hospice does in ensuring families can be together during this time is nothing short of wonderful.
Jennie Gib Carer Patient Heald Green