Val’s story

Many people are surprised to learn that we have a Rehabilitation Team at the hospice, working with patients at various stages of their illness to ensure they have the best possible quality of life.

Included in that is a specialist Lymphoedema Team, who are trained to be able to help patients with swelling which may occur as a result of their illness or treatment, and patients whose primary condition is lymphoedema.

One of the people we’ve helped is Val Basnett, here she shares her story.

The lymphoedema outpatient service have looked after me since about 1995. I was desperate, depressed and felt totally isolated with my condition with nowhere to go for expert help, until I happened upon the lymphoedema clinic at St Ann’s. I was quickly reassured that things could be done.

All these years later and I’m still being supported by St Ann’s. You have no idea what a lifeline this clinic is to people like me, truly. The complexity of my condition after treatment for cancer has served as a constant reminder of that awful time of uncertainty, and left me with several issues, of which lymphoedema in both legs is just one.

As well as receiving expert care and support, I am comforted by the friendly face of my current amazing lymphoedema specialist, Fiona, who always greets me with a smile and is personable, professional and attentive. That’s what I’ve come to expect from representatives from St Ann’s from the minute you walk in to the reception to the minute you walk out. I don’t know what I would do without them – thank you.