Round the clock care

Supporting our patients and their families is our biggest privilege. Although we’ve had to make some changes due to coronavirus, we’re working round the clock to make sure we continue provide the best, individualised care.

By News Team on October 1, 2020

Here’s just a few of the many ways we’re working round the clock to support patients and families every day…

At 8.30am our teams across all sites come together to hold multi-disciplinary team meetings. During this time our clinical teams come together to update staff on patients and their care in a holistic, person-centred way.

At 9.15am, our Occupational Therapist Dani takes time to assess a patient in Heald Green who’s struggling with pain when walking. She shows him how to use a self-propel wheelchair, which helps him to move freely on his own for the rest of the day.

At 9.45am, Social Workers Linzi and Donna at our Heald Green site are arranging a meeting between a patient, their family and an interpreter to plan for them going home soon.

Reception Barbara Midgely Little Hulton

At 10.30am, Mags, our Family Liaison Officer, is helping a patient have a ‘virtual visit’ with their grandchildren. Virtual visits have been crucial in the last few months in helping patients feel connected with their loved ones.

At 11.00am, Amy, a Housekeeping Assistant in Little Hulton, is ironing the bedsheets ready for a patient who is coming to the hospice for symptom management. In the last year, we have changed an incredible 35,282 bedsheets!

At 11.45am, Lizzi in the Being You Centre is making a call to a patient to find out how they are managing breathlessness at home. After listening, Lizzi gives them advice and support over the phone to ensure they are receiving the care they need.

Dietician Elaine Brennan Day Care

At 1.00pm, Elaine, our Dietitian, is making time for patients at our Little Hulton site to see how they enjoyed lunch. She had suggested some simple additions to help with changes to improve taste, especially for patients whose taste buds have been affected by cancer treatment.

At 2.30pm, our Complementary Therapists, Tina, Jen and Ruth, begin a meditation and relaxation session for staff in Heald Green and Little Hulton to help them unwind and look after their mental health. This is something we have been offering on a regular basis during the last few months as we work to support our teams.

At 3.15pm, Hazel, a Counsellor, is meeting with a client to discuss if counselling might be right for her as she’s struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband. From there, Hazel will help support her client with services she made need.


Sarah McDonnell Little Hulton

At 4.40am, Lisa in our Lymphoedema Team is finishing a telephone review with a patient. They chatted about self-care, keeping active and to follow up, Lisa will send a pack of written information to help.

At 6pm, our Catering Teams are taking tonight’s dinners to our Nursing Teams. They have worked with our Dietician to make three meal options, and special meals for patients who need them, ensuring everyone is satisfied and has a healthy nutritional meal.

At 11.00pm, Vicky, a Healthcare Assistant in Little Hulton is making a Horlicks for a patient in bed. They chat about who’s coming to visit them tomorrow and make a plan to wear their favourite outfit to help them feel good when they’re with their loved one.

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