Crafty Fundraising from St Ann’s Employees

A number of St Ann's employees, volunteers and family members are individually raising funds with handmade keepsakes that they are selling onsite at our Heald Green hospice.

By News Team on February 17, 2021

A selection of hanging felt flowers, hearts and butterflies in light blues, yellows and purple colours.

Employees from St Ann’s have individually been crafting away in the last few months to create handmade gifts and keepsakes to sell at our Heald Green hospice.  

Receptionist, Margaret Pike who has worked at St Ann’s for 13 years, has been using online crafting sites to create gift tags and felt hanging decorations, with each one taking one to two hours to complete from start to finish.  

At first Margaret started creating the pieces in March as a way to keep busy and quickly made the decision to sell her handmade creations and raise vital funds for St Ann’s. 

Margaret said: 

I was looking for something new to do to keep my mind and fingers active and to help me relax with everything going on last year. I also thought it would be a good way to bring in some much-needed funds into the hospice, thus benefitting us both. Margaret Pike, Receptionist at Heald Green
Felt Hanging Hearts

During this time, Margaret wasn’t the only St Ann’s employee who has been using her creative skills to raise funds for St Ann’s. Yvonne Rogers, Clinical Services Admin Co-Ordinator, Shelley Wood in IPU and Sandra Rycroft a volunteer has also been hard at work, making pocket tissue holders, face coverings and chocolate orange holders, among other items. 

We’ve even had family members of employee’s stitch and knit items with the mother and auntie of Denise Rowbothan our Medical Secretary, creating felt hearts and flowers.  

Prices for items range from £1 to £5.00, depending on the designs and styling of the item. Each handmade item can be purchased at the reception desk at Heald Green, with all the money going to St Ann’s.  

Christmas Tree Gift Tags

If you want to create a handmade token and fundraise for St Ann’s, why not take on our 50th birthday Knit or Crochet 50 Forget Me Nots for St Ann’s?

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