Second times are a charm, as Gerard wins a rollover jackpot

Local hospice lottery player Gerard has hit the hospice jackpot for a second time!

By News Team on April 8, 2022

When the cheque arrived, I shouted my wife and told her I had won £1,000 on the St Ann’s lottery. On second glance, I realised I’d missed a nought. Ten thousand pounds, I literally couldn’t believe it. Gerard Pilling, Local hospice lottery player

Heald Green based Gerard Pilling, aged 74, has hit the St Ann’s lottery jackpot for a second time, netting a maximum rollover of £10,000.  

It seems that Gerard has the midas touch when it comes to picking lottery tickets, not only scooping his recent £10,000 rollover win but also winning £2,000 back in August 2019.  

A supporter of the St Ann’s lottery since its inception in 1994, Gerard is a true advocate of the care the hospice provides.

My mother-in-law who is 95 and has Alzheimer’s and cancer was a patient in the hospice in June 2021 and the care she received from the staff was absolutely tremendous. The serenity of the place and the way people are with each other, whether it’s the staff, patients or families visiting loved ones really blew me away. There is a real sense of togetherness and camaraderie. Gerard Pilling, Local hospice lottery player

Gerard’s wife Vivian worked on a cardiac ward at Wythenshawe Hospital for 32 years and the couple don’t have any doubt on where the winnings will be going. 

Gerard said: “The money will be going in the Bank of Nana and Grandad, as our twin grandchildren are at University in Liverpool. Benjamin is studying Law and Isabella is doing mechanical engineering. They turn 21 next month and have got wind of our win, so they’ll be getting a few more quid than usual.” 

The St Ann’s Local Lottery has generated over £25 million for the hospice since 1994 and created more than 37,000 winners in the process.  

The weekly lottery includes a first prize of £2,000 plus a rollover prize of £1,000, four prizes of £50 each and 30 prizes of £10. The rollover prize increases by £1,000 for every week the prize is not won, up to a maximum of £10,000.  

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