Book written by patient who overcame poverty raises funds for St Ann’s Hospice

By Gemma Peers on September 19, 2023

Bridget Griffiths from Little Hulton was a funny, witty, and wonderful woman who lived in Manchester for 25 years.

Her book, Feck Off Ya Auld Eejit, contains tales of family, filled with humour, warmth, wit and sadness that tumbled from her distinctive Irish imagination.

Having spent her final weeks at our hospice, Bridget’s family are now selling her book to raise money for us and to share the creative stories their loved one wrote.

Having grown up in Dublin in poverty, Bridget drew from her experience as a child growing up in the tenement blocks of North Dublin which inspired her writing.

Earlier this year Bridget was diagnosed with a slowly growing lung cancer, but after a fall where she thought she’d broken her collar bone, she was diagnosed with bone cancer too and given 48 hours to live.

Bridget’s daughter, Siobhan Fogarty, and partner Richard wanted to stay by her side after her diagnosis was given in hospital. However, Siobhan says: “Mum didn’t want to die in hospital, it wasn’t the place to die peacefully, so we’re so thankful that she got a place at St Ann’s Hospice.”

Mum was at Little Hulton site for two weeks, and I can’t express enough how the hospice were nothing but incredible and beautiful with her. Siobhan Fogarty, Bridget's Daughter

“Considering how horrendous the illness and whole time was, the hospice made her death a better experience.”

Bridget died on 15th March 2023, at 88 years old, being remembered as a very young, stylish, and funny lady.

Bridget had written stories that have now been compiled into a book. At 14 years old she left school and shortly after that came to Manchester where she worked as a cleaner and did her English O level. She had always enjoyed writing but after being told she wasn’t good she didn’t pick up her pen again until she was 80 years old.

Bridget had a huge Facebook following with hundreds of writers, critics, journalists, and Irish folk praising her writing. However, she never had the confidence to compile her stories into a published book.

Siobhan says: “These fabulous stories, which met with critical acclaim on Facebook and beyond, are her legacy, providing a marvellous insight into the truly feckin’ wonderful woman she was.

“For the two weeks she was in the hospice we collated the stories together, staying at the hospice day and night with no sleep to stay with Mum and finish the book. Mum died before we could get it published.

“We hope that from the book people see a woman who educated herself from poverty to success. Of course, there is lots of Irish language and snapshots of a beautiful moving story.”

Bridget was happy that all proceeds of the book would be going to St Ann’s Hospice, as that is what the family decided as they felt so supported and cared for by hospice.

I didn’t have any experience of a hospice before. At the hospital we were sleeping on the floor but at the hospice we were given a room with beds in so that my stepfather and I could sleep by her side. Knowing we didn’t have to go home was massively important to us. Siobhan Fogarty, Bridget's Daughter

So far, Siobhan and Richard have raised over £3000 from Bridget’s tribute page and book proceeds, and they want to keep the legacy of Bridget book to continue through her book to raise money for St Ann’s Hospice.

To buy Bridget’s book in paperback for £9 or on kindle for £5 here.