Ready, set, go! Dedicated supporter takes on a race each month this year

Sue Mee, aged 55, is taking on a real challenge by taking part in a race each month this year to raise money for St Ann’s.

By Sam Izard on January 23, 2024

From 10k races to marathons on Sue’s list for the year, she’s embarking on a very busy running schedule!

Sue says: “My mum spent the last two weeks of her life at St Ann’s Hospice in Heald Green as she had a brain tumour, she died when she was 58 years old. It took me a long time to go back into the hospice, but when I did go back it was to buy some Christmas cards.

“I realised what a lovely place the hospice is, not what you’d think a hospice is at all. After I started to visit, I thought it would be nice to volunteer which I’ve now been doing for 15 years.

I’m now a volunteer and ambassador for St Ann’s, as well as embarking on fundraising for this amazing place. I haven’t done any fundraising for a while so I wanted to take on something big which I’m definitely doing now! Sue Mee

Sue is dedicating herself to taking part in a race a month this year to test her limits and bring together friends and family in supporting her.

She has already run the Tatton 10k this month and is running the Hale 10k in February and the Wilmslow Half Marathon in March.

Other notable races Sue is taking part in are the Manchester Marathon, Might Stride Kiltwalk in Glasgow and Palma Half Marathon in Majorca.

Sue says: “I’ve been running three times a week and my rest days include yoga, I’ll be following a plan all year to prepare for each race. My friends kept asking me to run the Manchester marathon, and I’d booked a few races in for the start of the year so I thought I may as well do one race each month!

“I’m so glad to be doing a variety of races around the country and further afield, it will be great to be together with my friends who are joining me for races and who have already supported me.

“I’m aiming to raise £2,000 by the end of the year to support St Ann’s who are so close to my heart. The hospice has been part of my life for 28 years and I would like it to be there for a very long time to come.

“That’s why I’m fundraising for the Build It Together appeal which is building the new hospice in Heald Green to continue providing vital care for patients, loved ones and our community.”

We are so fortunate to have amazing volunteers like Sue who are so dedicated to our hospice, they are such an important part of each day at St Ann’s. Sue is going above and beyond with her fundraising this year and we can’t wait to support her at the races she’s taking part in. Anne-Marie Wynne, Head of Fundraising and Capital Campaign

Please visit Link to support Sue in raising as much as she can for our hospice.