“I’m so grateful for the support St Ann’s Hospice’s Lymphoedema Clinic has given me”

Written by Rachel Underwood, outpatient at St Ann’s Hospice
I’ve been an outpatient at St Ann’s Hospice’s Lymphoedema Clinic for the last 4 or 5 years and I’m so grateful for the brilliant team who have supported me so much.

By Sam Izard on March 7, 2024

I had cancer 26 years ago and as a result of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy I developed lymphoedema. At the time of being treated it wasn’t a consequence I thought much about, as you choose any option to save your life.

My lymphoedema is in my left leg and has been described as a severe case by the hospital that diagnosed it.

However, I’m very determined to do most things in life as I had done before, and still go on walks but wear the compression garments that help me so much.

This illness has obviously affected my life in so many ways and it isn’t easy wearing the garments which are a real nuisance, but I’m grateful that I can manage my leg and have as much support as I do.

The St Ann’s Clinic are amazing and have supported me so much. I used to travel quite far for treatment, but I’m glad I can go to the Heald Green hospice site which is just round the corner from me.

There is no cure for lymphoedema so you have to stay positive and appreciate any improvements, even if they are small or temporary.

The clinic have always been there for me and I can get back in touch with them whenever I need to, they get back to me so quickly and I’d definitely recommend the clinic to others with lymphoedema.

The St Ann’s team are used to seeing all kinds of lymphoedema and weren’t shocked when they saw the size of my leg which I really appreciated. They have so much knowledge around lymphoedema and are very accommodating with me.

Last year I had bandaging on my leg to lose the fluid and I went three times a week to the clinic which really helped.

When people think of a hospice they often don’t think of people going there who aren’t having end of life treatment, but they do brilliant work with outpatients and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

For more information on the Lymphoedema Clinic and other services that St Ann’s Hospice provide, please go to www.sah.org.uk/how-we-help/our-services.