Make your will for free this March: Local solicitors will be waiving their fees in return for a donation to St Ann’s Hospice

A number of local solicitors will be waiving their fees in return for a donation to St Ann’s Hospice as part of Will Month this March 2024.

By Sam Izard on March 14, 2024

We spoke with the Director of HCB Solicitors and the Head of the Private Client Department, Daniel Rourke, on the importance of getting a will and what to have in mind throughout the process:

Why do I need a will?

“A key reason for drafting a will is to give clarity to the family and friends that you leave behind. A will is a really important document that sets down your wishes upon your death.”

What happens once I sign up? 

“What you can expect after signing up for your free will is to meet one of our professionals at one of our local offices, where you will have an in-depth conversation about your personal circumstances and your wishes for your will. After that, it will be drafted for you to consider, and then if you’re happy with the document, and other appointments required for you to sign the document.”

What should I consider before my appointment?

“Things to consider before you attend your appointment: Know who you would want to be the executors of your will. These are the people that you’re going to trust to deal with the administration of your estate. Further to that, you will need an idea of what you want to happen to your assets. Who will you want to benefit under the terms of your will? And if there are any special legacies you wish to leave to any institutions or charities, it’s always important to think of those too.”

Did you know that nearly a third of our donated income comes from people kindly leaving a gift in their will? There’s no obligation, but if you choose to do so, just 1% of your estate would make a huge difference to St Ann’s and the care we are able to provide for local people affected by life-limiting illnesses.

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Image Credit: Centre for Ageing Better