Our care

We provide specialist care for people impacted by life-limiting illness, including patients, families and loved ones.

Patient Daycare Wine

We are a charity, and we support patients right across Greater Manchester from our two hospice sites in Heald Green, Stockport and Little Hulton, Salford. We also have dedicated Hospice@Home and specialist community teams who care for people in a place they call home. 

The support we provide is based around the individual needs of the person and what is important to them. Some people are referred to us for care right at the end of their lives, perhaps after a hospital stay. For others, we help by managing their symptoms so they can continue to live as full a life as possible. We have  patients who receive outpatient support from us too.  

We also provide emotional support – helping people come to terms with the results of their diagnosis, and also supporting families including after the death of their loved one.

By supporting people to have as good a death as possible, we help the grieving process. It can be a source of comfort to know that your loved one was well cared for and that their symptoms were well managed at the end of their lives. 

We also advise, support and train other professionals to deliver care. 

We are an integral part of the wider health and care system in Greater Manchester. At St Ann’s, we are proud to be part of the GM Hospice Providers collaborative, which brings together representatives from seven adult hospices across Greater Manchester, East Cheshire Hospice, as well as children’s hospices Francis House and Derian House. 

The GM Hospices Provider Collaborative is committed to working with partners at all levels of the GM Integrated Care System (ICS) and beyond to deliver high-quality and equitable specialist palliative and end-of-life care to the people of Greater Manchester, not just for today but also for future generations. 

Through our collaborative efforts, we seek to establish and maintain standards of care that reflect the needs and preferences of our patients and families, while also taking into account the latest evidence-based practices and research. Our focus on equity means that we strive to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances, have access to the care they need to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

We recognise that providing specialist palliative and end-of-life care is a complex and challenging task, and we are committed to working together to develop innovative approaches that meet the evolving needs of our communities. By combining our expertise and resources, we believe that we can achieve our shared vision of providing compassionate, dignified, and person-centred care to all who need it in Greater Manchester.