Gifts in Wills

No one knows what the future holds, and life-changing moments can happen when you least expect them. Making a Will and letting your family and friends know your wishes is vital, and it can be a lot more affordable and straightforward than you may think.

Remembering St Ann’s Hospice in your Will

When the time is right for you to remember a charity in your Will, please remember St Ann’s Hospice. All you need is our charity name and registered number, it can be done in minutes.

Charity name – St Ann’s Hospice            Charity number – 258085

Did you know that around 1/3 of our voluntary income comes directly from gifts in Wills from amazing people like Beryl (see below)?

Beryl loved to sing, nothing made her feel better than adding her voice to the cast of her local theatre group and filling the air with music. She was creative too, stitching props and dresses for fellow actors, transforming them into characters who brought a smile to the faces of people who watched them perform. Her life was full of joy and laughter. Beryl was a loyal wife and devoted mother and grandmother. She will not be forgotten and her gift in her Will means that choirs can serenade the patients at St Ann's making magical moments for people who are experiencing difficult times. By giving St Ann's a little, Beryl has provided a lot.

A gift doesn’t have to be a huge amount and of course, we know that you need to provide for your family and friends first but, even a gift of 1% can make a huge difference having a powerful impact for the future care we provide to our community and the development of St Ann’s Hospice.

TOP TIP – If your estate is liable to inheritance tax it is likely that your estate will save £400 tax for every £1000 you give us but please do take professional advice.

Make a Will

There are lots of reasons to write a Will and the decision normally stems from a life event like the loss of a loved one, the birth of a loved one, the purchase of a house, marriage or wanting to ensure loved ones inherit.

We run an annual Will Month every March, where local Solicitors and Will Writing organisations kindly donate their time and services to help you create your Will. 

We are very lucky that we are working with partners that are happy to support us year round when it comes to making your Will and supporting St Ann’s. 

For more information please contact our list of partners below:


Philp Antony Associates have been helping people in and around Manchester to write their Will for over 20 years and are big supporters of St Ann’s. PAA will advise the cost of a Will to be donated to St Ann’s. 

Call – 08009700649 

Worsley, Oldham and Radcliffe

Garratts is a leading law firm in the North West, providing legal advice to individuals, their families and businesses and a great supporter of St Ann’s. Garratts Solicitors will advise the cost of a Will to be donated to St Ann’s. 

Call – 0161 655 3502

Covering the North West

Accord are proud to partner with St Ann’s to offer a free Will writing service to their supporters.  Accord have been providing Wills and Estate planning services since 2012. Accord have gone from strength to strength and have a national network of around 250 advisors covering Scotland, England and Wales. Accord allows calls by phone, Skype, Zoom and home visits to make appointments as convenient as possible.

Call – 01744 807048

Email –

Need to speak to us?

If you need any more information, we’re here to help. If you have kindly left us a gift in your Will, please let us know as we’d love to keep you informed about what we’re achieving now and our plans for the future. Please contact our Individual Giving and Legacy team on 0161 498 3631 or email

Download our step-by-step guide below for more information on how to create a Will.