Payroll giving

Give more for less with payroll giving.

Payroll giving is a simple, tax-efficient scheme that allows employees to regularly donate to St Ann’s directly through their pay before tax. Because the donation is taken out before tax, a £10 donation will actually only cost the employee £8.

Because payroll giving is a regular form of income for St Ann’s, it means we can better plan ahead to provide care for our patients.

What are the benefits of payroll giving?

To employees

  • Costs you less to give more – the tax-efficient scheme maximises the donation the charity receives without you paying more.
  • Simple way to give to charity.
  • No limit on the size of the gift.
  • No need to worry about Direct Debits or standing orders – just complete one simple authorisation form.

To organisations

  • Simple to set up, tax-efficient scheme, with tax-deductible administration costs.
  • Great for your business profile if you’re supporting a local charity.
  • Enhances social responsibility.
  • Aides staff retention and recruitment by boosting morale and motivation.
  • Increases your organisation’s charitable giving.
  • No limit on donations.
  • You can use the government’s Payroll Giving Quality Mark.

How organisations can set up payroll giving

If you work with a payroll giving provider already, we can support you to get set up to give to St Ann’s.

If not, we’ve partnered with Charities Trust to help organisations wishing to donate to the hospice via payroll giving to do so. It’s easy to set up.

Step 1

Contact the St Ann’s Corporate Fundraising Team who can help you get started.

Step 2

Register with Charities Trust and sign their payroll giving agreement.

Step 3

They’ll send you a welcome pack with full instructions about deducting the money from your employee’s pay and sending the information/donations to them each month.

Step 4

Start promoting the scheme to your employees. Speak to our Corporate Fundraising Team for some ideas.

Step 5

Charities Trust will do the rest. They will verify and pay out the donation to the hospice twice a month.

Get in touch

Corporate Fundraiser Gayle Shaw is here to answer any questions you might have about payroll giving – or anything else your business would like to get involved with.

To get in touch, email or phone 0161 498 3631.

Download our payroll giving guide