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Butcher and Barlow LLP is supporting St Ann's throughout the year to help assist our supporters to write a Will and leave a donation to our hospice.

Matthew Watson of Butcher and Barlow LLP

At Butcher & Barlow, we understand that writing a Will can be a daunting task. It can sometimes seem that there is an overwhelming amount of decisions to factor in as you consider who will inherit your estate when you die. Many people will have other matters to take care of too, such as who will take over guardianship of minors, or take care of pets, or even funeral wishes.

Although writing a Will can feel overwhelming, it is vital that you have one put in place so your loved ones can properly honour your wishes when you die. If someone dies without a valid Will in place, then the intestacy laws will decide who is to inherit, and this may not be who you want it to be. 

Having a Will in place is therefore essential to provide you with the reassurance that your family is taken care of, and that assets are distributed to the correct people or groups. Unfortunately, we regularly see disputes over an inheritance among family members – having a valid Will should remove any doubt about who you want to leave your estate to. By writing a Will you also get to choose who deals with the administration of your estate – your Executors – so you can be confident that this is someone you trust to carry out your wishes.

Butcher & Barlow are here to support you through every step of the Will writing process, from the initial telephone call through to the final, socially distanced, signing.

During your appointment, whether that be by telephone, video call or face to face if circumstances allow, your legal adviser will provide you with advice personalised to your circumstances.  For example, we may discuss how to plan your Will to mitigate the Inheritance Tax payable on your Estate, advise as to funding care costs, or how to ensure blended families are adequately provided for.  To provide you with accurate advice, we will ask for detailed information about your income and your capital – please, therefore, collate this information before the appointment.

Following the appointment, you will receive a draft of your Will which you carefully read through to check that you are happy with the content and that it accurately reflects your intentions. We are happy to answer questions you have regarding the Will or make any changes you require. Once you are happy with the content of the Will, we will arrange a second appointment at which your legal adviser will discuss the Will, explain any legal terms and phrases and ensure that you understand the legal implications, before ensuring it is properly signed and witnessed. We will provide you with a copy of your Will and keep the original safe for you, free of charge.

We recommend that you review your Will annually and on any significant life events, such as births, marriages, divorces or deaths. Marriage revokes a Will, so it is vital if you are planning to marry you should attend the office to re-write your Will. Circumstances change over time, and as such your intentions for your estate may also change.

Being a local Firm with our routes firmly in the North West and particularly Greater Manchester, we are proud to support St Ann’s Will Month campaign for a second year. Matthew Watson, Wills and Probate specialist at the Firm’s Bramhall office says of the campaign:

I cannot stress enough the importance of making a Will – for peace of mind if nothing else. St Ann’s Will Month is a perfect opportunity to think about getting your affairs in order, whilst benefitting a local charity that is invaluable to the community of Greater Manchester. Matthew Watson, Probate Specialist

Matthew, along with Claire Jackson at our Leigh office and Donna Crossthwaite at our Prestwich office, will be waiving their usual fees for preparing a simple Will or mirror Wills and asking clients to make a donation to St Ann’s instead.

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