Your fundraising stories

Here are some of the stories from some of our fantastic supporters who have raised funds for St Ann's.

We're so grateful to our community for helping us to raise the thousands of pounds needed each and every year to keep our services running.

If you are interested in sharing your experience of fundraising to inspire others, please get in touch with our communications team by emailing

Dave’s story

Dave wanted to thank St Ann’s for the care they gave his mum.

Keira’s story

Keira, aged four, fundraised in memory of her Gogo

Shirley’s story

Shirley has volunteered with us for 20 years on reception, at fundraising events and in our shops. She reflects on...

Emma and Neil’s story

Emma and Neil cycled from Liverpool to Leeds in 24 hours. Emma tells us their story.

Woodford Walkers Story

Woodford Walkers support St Ann’s in Midnight Walk style.

John & Joyce’s story

John and Joyce made their Will during St Ann’s Will Week. Joyce tells us about their experience.

The Kelly family’s story

The Kellys have taken part in a number of different fundraising events, from runs to cake sales to open mic...

Maria’s Story

Maria Johnson is running the Great Manchester Run for St Ann's

Barbara Thackray 10K run fundraising

Barbara’s story

Barbara took her first 10k race in her stride at the ripe age of 77, finishing in a creditable time...