John & Joyce’s story

John and Joyce made their Will during St Ann’s Will Week. Joyce tells us about their experience.

John and Joyce made their Will during St Ann’s Will Week. Here, Joyce tells us about their experience.

“We hadn’t made a Will before, even though I’d helped my mum make hers. I’d always said we should make one, but John wasn’t sure we needed to. He thought that as we have two sons, anything we left would be split between them, but I wanted to have everything in order and in writing.”

When we heard about the St Ann’s Will Week and saw that there was a solicitor very local to us taking part, we decided to book an appointment. St Ann’s is important to us as they have cared for several of our friends over the last few years, and this seemed like a good way to support them.

“The solicitor was really lovely, and the process was very easy. We made Mirror Wills, and the paperwork was simple, not daunting at all. Now our Will is written we have peace of mind, knowing that our wishes will be carried out.”

Making our Will during Will Week and giving a donation to St Ann’s instead of paying the solicitor means that we’ve also helped the hospice.