Stan and Mike’s Story

Newsagents Stan and Mike have been collecting money for St Ann's for several years and during that time the pair have raised over £10,000 for St Ann's!

Newsagent Stan Taylor admits he is lucky to be alive after catching Covid-19.  His family feared he would not reach his 60th birthday in June after he was seriously ill with the virus early in lockdown.  Stan, who runs Little Hulton News and Booze with his brother-in-law Mike Fisher, was put into an induced coma and spent a week on a ventilator.  

Thankfully, he is now back at work part-time and was delighted to receive a letter from St Ann’s Hospice informing him the shop – known as Stan’s – has raised £10,000 for the charity.  

The donations came from loyal customers who have been putting loose change into a collection box for several years.  

I was very poorly and my wife Jane and our family were warned that I might not make it. Apparently, there were 38,000 likes for me on social media and the goodwill messages included one from Manchester United. There was obviously a lot of love out there for me and fortunately, I managed to pull through. I still struggle to breathe and have fluid on my left lung but I'm much better. My birthday bucket list was meant to include a visit to New York, but I'm just glad to be here and the illness has changed my perception on life Stan Taylor, Supporter

The newsagents on Hulton Avenue is round the corner from our hospice site in Little Hulton and has been run by Mike and Stan for the last 20 years.

We both grew up around here so know what St Ann's means to the community. We've thanked our customers for their generous donations on our Facebook page and to be honest, most of the money has come from schoolchildren who've been putting the odd bit of change in the box Mike Fisher, Supporter

We love to hear the exciting fundraising ideas that our supporters have. Whatever you decide to do, your support will help us to raise essential funds to provide world-class care to our patients.  

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