Graham’s story

Graham has supported St Ann's since 2009 and has helped in a number of different ways.

“I first came to St Ann’s in Heald Green in 2009 and witnessed, first hand, the outstanding care that a much-loved work colleague received in their final months. Following her death, PRP Architects became a corporate supporter, with staff members involved in a number of fundraising events for the hospice over a number of years. 

“Over that period, we also provided professional advice on the emerging plans for a new, state of the art hospice, working closely with the Executive Team to co-design a building that would meet all of their aspirations, and ensuring that it can continue to provide world class care for generations to come. 

“Early retirement has given me the time and opportunity to now support the hospice in other ways, including supporting the Fundraising Team in their ongoing Build It Together campaign, as well as being a volunteer driver for the Being You Centre. I hope that supportive role can further evolve as building works for the new hospice begin, allowing me to share in the St Ann’s journey at this most exciting time.”