Homelessness and palliative care – the film

A new film about palliative care and homelessness, commissioned by St Ann's Hospice which shares the experiences of professionals across the sectors and people affected by homelessness.

By hearing from people affected by homelessness, frontline staff and professionals, this short film highlights the unmet needs and demonstrates what we can all do to improve equity of care for this underserved population. 

Thank you to the individuals and organisations who contributed to this film, including: StGilesMedical, Dr Caroline Shulman of Pathway/UCL, Providence Row Housing Association, SHP, Dr Dana Beale of Great Chapel Street Medical Centre, St Mungo’s, Groundswell, Urban Village, GM Housing First, Dr Ruth Eldson of GM Homeless Mental Health Team, Tony McManus, Diane Clarkson, Dr Kathryn Mannix and Sir Edward Davey.

Homelessness and palliative care 

Everyone has the right to receive the care and support they need. But for many people affected by homelessness who are in need of support for cancer or other life-limiting illnesses, it can be incredibly difficult to access – especially if their health is getting worse, or they’re nearing the end of their life. 

This can also be challenging and distressing for the professionals who work with them – as deaths can be unplanned and access to palliative care is very unusual. 

Resources for you and your team 

Homeless Palliative Care Toolkit

This research informed toolkit provides information and resources for frontline staff supporting people who are homeless and who have significant health needs.

Pathway’s learning resources

Pathway share a range of learning resources and research findings about homelessness and palliative care on their website.


StreetLink exists to help end rough sleeping by enabling members of the public to connect people sleeping rough with the local services that can support them.

‘My Right to Healthcare’ NHS Cards

Registering with a GP can be very difficult when you are homeless. These cards can be kept in a pocket and shown when registering for healthcare.

Faculty for homeless and inclusion health

The Faculty is an inclusive membership organisation for people involved in health care for excluded groups. Membership is open to a wide range of health and social care professionals, as well as researchers and people with lived experience of exclusion.

Homeless link

Use this database to search for homelessness services in your area.

St Ann’s Homeless Palliative Care Service

We support clients, keyworkers and health and social care staff when someone’s health is getting worse.

We want to reach people earlier on in their illness, and provide training and support to improve the quality of care for those with advanced ill health.

Find out more and how to make a referral