Learning disabilities

This June, join our free webinars about supporting people with learning disabilities at the end of life.

Throughout St Ann’s 50th anniversary, we’ll be sharing 50 bitesize webinars. Each month focuses on a specific theme, with a new bitesize session each week to watch at a time that’s best for you.

This month, our webinars will cover different aspects about supporting people with learning disabilities at the end of life.

Watch the latest webinar above, or click the titles below to catch up on our previous sessions.

Communication skills that benefit everyone

Austin Dorrity, a neurodiversity consultant, explores communication challenges you may come across when working with people who have a learning disability or those who identify under the umbrella of neurodiversity.

This webinar will help you to consider your approaches, and reflect on developing communication skills that benefit everyone you work with.

Diagnostic overshadowing

Austin Dorrity, a neurodiversity consultant, looks at diagnostic overshadowing for people with learning disabilities – why it may happen, and how it can be prevented.

Learning disability awareness

Melissa Perry, a Community Learning Disability Nurse, gives an overview of health and people with learning disabilities – including health inequalities. Melissa also shares initiatives to address health inequalities, and resources to help get the best health outcomes.

Growing older and frailty

Jenny Price, a Learning Disability Nurse, considers ageing and frailty in people with learning disabilities. Jenny also explores the challenges of identifying frailty and managing health decline for people with learning disabilities.