50 free webinars

Throughout our 50th anniversary we're sharing 50 webinars. Each month focusses on a specific theme, and we’ll be releasing a new bitesize webinar you can watch each week.

Dying matters

This May, join our free webinars exploring some of the less well-known aspects of death, end-of-life care and bereavement.

Hospice at home nurse

Learning disabilities

This June, join our free webinars about supporting people with learning disabilities at the end of life.


This July, join our free webinars about supporting people with dementia at the end of life.

Peter O'Brien Volunteer Daycare

Support for patients and families

This August, join our free webinars about the wide range of hospice support for patients and families.

Physiotherapist - Bobby Magee Clinical

Rehabilitation team

This September, our free webinars feature members of our Rehab Team, sharing exercises and techniques to help manage symptoms

Homelessness and palliative care

This October, join us to understand more about the unique issues those experiencing homelessness have when faced with a life...

Mental health webinars

This November, learn about mental health challenges, how they can affect us and some tips to help look after your...

Christmas at the hospice

This December, find out about how we celebrate Christmas and the festive season at St Ann's