Paul & Claire’s Story

Paul’s wife, Claire came to St Ann’s early February in 2021 and stayed for three weeks before she died. Here Paul shares his experience of St Ann’s.

I was married to Claire for just over 30 years, we have three children and two grandsons. For the last four years, Claire fought a very rare cancer, Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma 

Claire wasn’t fond of hospitals and was nervous about going to St Ann’s as neither of us knew what to expect, but it couldn’t have been more different. Claire stayed in a spacious and homely room for three weeks and every day she was given incredible food. She loved all the meals, it was like a restaurant.  

Alongside the excellent food, Claire was offered massages and the staff made us feel like nothing was too much trouble.”  

We would recommend the hospice to anyone who needs it, they make you feel like nothing is too much trouble, and almost as if you are part of a new family. The staff were so warm, welcoming and loving. Paul

Before being diagnosed, Claire had worked at a primary school for 17 years and throughout our marriage we enjoyed many trips to Cornwall, surfing the great waves. 

Claire died at the Heald Green hospice in March 2021 at 47 years old. Before her death, staff made a big difference to the quality of her life and the care didn’t stop after that. Since she died, the teams at St Ann’s have offered bereavement and other support to myself and my family.  

Despite only being at St Ann’s for three weeks, we’d all grown to love the staff so much that we made them a big hamper to thank them for caring for Claire so well.”   

We also asked for donations for St Ann’s at Claire’s funeral as we have seen firsthand just how important the services are and how much of a difference the donations make.