Neil’s Story

Hear from our supporter Neil about the care and support he and his mum received, and why he’s dedicating a light in memory of her this year.

My name is Neil and I am a proud supporter of St Ann’s Hospice and their Light up a Life appeal. This incredibly special appeal gives us all a chance to look back, to remember, reflect, and celebrate the people we love.

Since I lost my mum, Jo, over five years ago, I have dedicated my time and support to St Ann’s through volunteering and fundraising.

Things happened so quickly with Mum, from the period of her feeling unwell, to the prognosis of her terminal cancer, then to the news of the cancer spreading to her brain, before Mum finally passed away five months later.

I had very little knowledge of what help a hospice provides or the services they offer, but early on, and from a respectful distance, St Ann’s made the family aware that they were around to support us. Neil

Mum wanted to stay at home for the rest of her time with us. Ironically, after nearly twenty years of depression and anxiety almost making her housebound, the shackles came off with her prognosis, and we were able to enjoy our time together as a family thanks to the Little Hulton Hospice at Home service. It provided a comfort blanket, and we knew the intermittent help would be increased as Mum’s condition deteriorated.

I cannot overstate the relief this knowledge provided and how helpful the assistance was when the nurses were needed at home.

After Mum passed away, I was a grateful recipient of bereavement counselling through St Ann’s. The support and guidance I received was truly life-changing, and something I will never forget. Neil

That’s why this year, I will be dedicating a light and donating to help those being supported by St Ann’s right now.

Light up a Life

Reflect on the year and dedicate a light to someone you love this winter.

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